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10 Mudroom Organization Tips

March 11, 2022 1:25 PM | Anonymous

Your mudroom is often the main entry point to your home. Most of us drop our shoes and bags as we enter and this often causes disorganization. The good news is that mudroom organization is easy to tackle. We have compiled a list of mudroom organization hacks to transform your mudroom into a clean and organized welcome to your home.

When you walk into your home, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed, not stressed. A messy mudroom can take away from the overall feel and look of your home. And when your house is cluttered, you might also start feeling cluttered, too.

10 Mudroom Organization Tips to Stay Neat and Tidy all Year

1.Use hooks for coats and jackets instead of hangers

Hangers belong in your closet, not in your living space. Bulky hangers make for unnecessary extra space in your mudroom and aren’t practical. With hooks, you can hang up jackets, coats and bags effectively, while still keeping your house looking fresh.

2. Maximize small space

Not enough room? Maximize your space by installing narrow shelves, adding hooks, and by filling in the empty spaces with minimalistic decorations.

3. Include bench seating

It’s important for you to provide guests with a nice place to sit, while also leaving enough room for storage underneath. Keeping a bench by the door is also a nice reminder for guests to take off their shoes before walking in.

4. Design as many built-in features as possible

Install drawers and cabinets to utilize space! Get creative with colors and designs.

5. Create a mudroom underneath the stairs

Make room for unused space underneath your stairway. Add baskets and chalkboards for spicing up your living space while still maintaining functionality.

6. Include a coffee area

Include a slender coffee table near your mudroom for all of your morning essentials. It makes for a nice set up and provides an organized space while getting ready in the morning.

7. Use specific colors for your mudroom

Using the right colors for your mudroom gives the illusion of a larger space so it won’t look as messy. Some ideas include dark grey, blush pink, green and a soft black color.

8.Transform Ikea furniture into functional design

Ikea furniture can be repainted, repurposed and used to hold baskets and boxes in your mudroom. Get creative with ideas that save space. Pinterest is a great place to start!

9. Keep your items hidden

If you can help it, try and keep your items enclosed in drawers or baskets. This helps to make the room less cluttered.

10. Assign a place for everyone (and everything)

This helps in keeping everyone responsible for the state of the mudroom. Giving members of your household a space in the mudroom or entryway gives them no excuse when dropping off their shoes, bags or coats.

We hope these tips help you transform your mudroom into an organized, clean and clutter-free entrance to your home, relieving some of the stress it may cause presently.


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