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Five Signs It’s Time to Hire a Professional Organizer

February 04, 2022 11:12 AM | Anonymous

Signs you need to hire an Professional Organizer

Knowing when to hire a professional organizer can be challenging and overwhelming. You have been struggling to keep up with the stresses of your everyday life, and it can feel like there is nothing you can do to fix it.

But here’s the thing—there’s always a way out.

“Feeling organized is accomplished when systems are in place throughout your home that work for YOU!. It is a very individualized process. There is no one size fits all here...and no pressure to have a Pinterest ready home!  Hiring an organizer can help you develop these systems based on your lifestyle and everyday demands and can be the key to long-term success! In the process, you may find that having less leads to wanting less and that will save time, money and stress going forward.”

                                                              - Brenda Wagman, bNeat Organizing


NAPO GA has compiled a list of things you can use to identify if and when you might need to call in professional help.

Look for these signs indicating you should hire a professional organizer

One: Missing deadlines

If you’re behind at work, you might need some extra help with your time management. The same thing happens in your home. As you fall behind, it can be harder and harder to catch up on your own. Accountability is key, but if you’re wanting to make a real difference, this is a good time to hire a professional.

Two: Increased stress and unease when entering your own home

The clutter in your house is starting to make you feel uncomfortable and stressed.  Do you find yourself coming home from a long day of work and just the mere presence of the clutter makes your chest tighten? We’ve all been there. This is when asking for the help of a professional organizer is a great way to ease that stress.

“It is more difficult to relax (both physically and mentally) in a cluttered space. Clutter causes feelings of anxiety.”

                                                              - Kara Rozell, More Breathing Room

Three: Forgetting appointments

If you lose track of time and start missing school appointments (professional or personal), it can be a huge problem. This is an indication you need help with managing your time, and is a sign you should consider hiring a professional. 

Four: You work from home

When you work from home, you can get caught up in work so much that it interferes with taking care of your personal life, causing you to neglect priorities at home. An accountability partner can help you with any difficulties or stresses you may have.

However, if this is not doing the trick, hiring professional help can go a long way. You might need help with organizing your business activities or in-home help. Developing and maintaining a balance can be challenging for those who work from home.

“Working from home creates its own unique challenges. Whether you own your own business or work from home, sharing your living space with business, schooling and leisure often blurs the lines of relaxation and work. A professional organizer can help you find a successful balance within your home.”

- Karen Leff, Leff Organizing, LLC

Five: You misplace items often

If you lose your keys the second you enter the door, you need to come up with a better strategy. Rule of thumb: make sure everything has a place and is in its place. If you put something down, keep it somewhere safe and in clear view. If this is not enough, that is an indication you would benefit from a professional home organizer’s help.

If you’re in need of more organization advice for your home or office, make sure to check out our blog Understanding the Differences in Professional Organizers

We hope these tips help you to better identify when you might need or want to reach out to a professional. Asking for help is not easy no matter what the context, but knowing what signs to look out for can help in taking the next step toward hiring help.


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