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Motivation to Get Organized All Year Long!

January 21, 2022 10:00 AM | Carolyn Rogers (Administrator)

Motivation to get organized

We all have plenty of excuses and reasons to avoid getting organized throughout the year. Despite your desire to do something about it, finding the motivation to get organized is hard. But being and feeling organized has been proven to improve your quality of life. Let’s stop making excuses this year and get organized.

7  Tips for Motivation to Get and Stay Organized all year!

1.   You get to take your life back!

If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, there’s a way to kick things back into motion. By being on top of assignments and working on organizing your life more —day by day—you might start to feel more like yourself. Organizing more is a chance to take your life back and get your mind off of the everyday stresses of life.

2.   Increased productivity

Being organized boosts creativity, confidence and productivity. Your family, boss and coworkers will thank you! Who doesn't like being more productive with their time?

3.   Organization makes room for new things!

All the unnecessary clutter in your home (and in your closet) adds up. Go through your closet and home when needed to get rid of or repurpose old items. Then you will have room for any of the new seasonal purchases you may have been eyeing.

4.   Just 10 mins a day

That’s all it takes! Giving yourself ten minutes each day to recap on your progress for the week, work on your tasks, and do your chores can help you get better at organizing. Even if you don’t have enough time to do a deep cleaning of your home, you can still be efficient and organized by using this hack.

5.   Being organized is a form of self care

It’s always nice to walk into a clean room, especially when everything is put into place. If being more organized makes you feel better, then you’ll be more motivated to succeed in work and stay on top of important tasks.

6.   Stop trying to multitask

Focus on one thing at a time. If you have more work to do, make sure that the first task is completed before you move on. When we multitask we tend to stress over our chores a lot more and we might even end up procrastinating until the last minute.

7.   Keep your desk clean so you can focus better

When you have a cluttered desk, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s no need to keep your desk covered with work and personal belongings. This adds stress to your day. By decluttering your items into drawers, boxes, rolling carts or even putting them into storage, you can feel more relaxed when it’s time to work or study.

We hope that these tips help you improve your productivity so you can stay organized. If you're looking for an Atlanta home organization professional, check out our member directory

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